PlayRight Theatre Company Ltd

Main aims and activities

We aim to deliver good quality educational theatre that entertains our audiences. We do not preach to our audiences, rather perform high quality and exciting shows and workshops that appeal to them and we always talk to them on their level. We are determined to create a safe and fun learning environment where all answers and opinions are asked for and listened to. We do this to ensure that the young people we work with enhance their listening and communication skills, something we know they will continue to use with their teachers, parents and all members of society.

Services and prices

We perform a show and then follow this with classroom style workshops. Our shows address relationships both healthy and unhealthy. We also look at perceptions of sex and the real pressures and situations teenagers may face.

Our show: Jack likes Becky, but Becky likes Si, who, to be honest, will never really like anyone as much as he likes himself. Si has a bad attitude towards relationships and Jack’s attitude towards sex could be better. Who will Becky end up with or is she better off on her own?

This show and follow up workshop is an entertaining and thought provoking look at teenage sexual health. In the workshop, we also look at peer pressure, contraception, STI’s and ways of avoiding them, amongst other important and sex related topics.

Please contact us for prices.

Previous experience of working in schools

We have been regularly visiting schools in Cambridgeshire with our shows and workshops for the last 6 years.

We have many schools that book us year after year for our shows.

Links into the PSHE framework

Empathy and feedback
Communication skills
Assertion and listening skills
Managing strong emotions
Support networks
Health indicators
Media influence
Risk assessment
Personal safety
Dealing with physical & emotional change
Anticipating sexual relationships
Rights & responsibilities
Drug effects
Life(style) management
Dealing with pressure and persuasion
Caring for others
Gender differences
Peer pressure
Peer support
Communication and negotiation skills
Managing strong feelings
Social and political issues of drug and alcohol use

Quality assurance rating

Values minimum standard met

Training & development minimum standard met

Planning & evaluation minimum standard met

Safeguarding standard fully met

Delivery competence standard fully met

Download full quality assurance rating (pdf)

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PlayRight Theatre Company Ltd

Contact details

Contact name:
Charlotte Borland – Company Director - Administration and Finance




Opening times:
Monday - Friday

Locations covered

All of Cambridgeshire

Ages worked with

11-16 yrs (Key stages 3 & 4)

Quotes from teachers

Acting was excellent in delivering a very well written play. Content of the play was ideally pitched for year nine. Q & A are very well controlled with the audience. Superb, refreshing and great talent. Thank you! (Carolyn Muir - Head of year)