Main aims and activities

Relate delivers counselling, therapy and education and has been providing children and young People’s counselling and other services to schools for over 20 years. Relate currently works in over 625 schools across England and Wales. At the heart of Relate’s work with children and young people is the one-to-one support to help with all kinds of issues, particularly ones that arise within the family setting. Relate also provides family counselling in many schools. Relationships with peers are also very important to children and young people and we provide help with conflict between peers as well as bullying.

Relate offers Teachers and support staff with training to spot students who may need additional emotional support.

Relate can deliver the PSHE curriculum with an emphasis on the importance of developing emotional and relationship skills and promoting resilience.

Services and prices


  • One to one counselling for 5 years and upwards
  • Family counselling

Price: £50 per session


All our training is delivered by Relate Counsellors who have undergone additional instruction in training. Our workshops help Teachers, parents and children to develop valuable relationship and life skills. They are typically 3 hours long.

Workshops for Children and young people:

  • Be  buddy course key stages 1 & 2
  • Anti Bullying ( assists bullied children to take back control)
  • PSHE programme for Key stage 3 & 4 (includes relationship talks)
  • Peer pressure
  • Raising self Esteem
  • Understanding Anger
  • First relationships and what a healthy relationship looks like

Price: £50 per hour per trainer for all the workshops for children and young people. Typically 3 hours long

Workshops for Teachers and support staff

  • Counselling skills for non counsellors ( 4 x weekly sessions) £175 p.p.
  • Team Building ( 3hours) £50 per hour per trainer
  • Managing relationships at school ( 3 hours) £50 per trainer
  • Peer listening course  6/10 week course involving teachers and pupils £2,250

Workshops for parents

  • Relationship skills
  • Parenting skills
  • Moving forward – for parents going through divorce or separation
  • Coping with Teenage children

Price: £50 per hour per trainer for all workshops for Parents. Typically 3 hours long.

Previous experience of working in schools

Relate Cambridge works in many local schools, and have done so since 2010, offering one to one counselling, family counselling, peer listening courses and training for teachers and support staff.

Relate Cambridge works with special needs schools.

Links into the PSHE framework

Understanding loss and change
Empathy and feedback
Social and emotional aspects of learning
Communication skills
Stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice
Assertion and listening skills
Divorce and separation
Managing strong emotions
Parenting and families
Conflict resolution
Support networks
Relationships with adults
Domestic violence     
Negotiation skills
Homophobia & Racism
Media influences
Managing loss & change
Abusive relationships
Care systems and adult responsibilities for the young
Mental health & coping strategies
Dealing with physical & emotional change
Anticipating sexual relationships
Empathy & understanding
Rights & responsibilities
Life(style) management
Dealing with pressure and persuasion
Work/life balance
Moral contexts
Marriage, partnerships and family life
Mental well being
Peer pressure
Peer support
Communication and negotiation skills
Sexuality and sexual orientation
Managing strong feelings

Quality assurance rating

Values standard fully met

Training & development standard fully met

Planning & evaluation minimum standard met

Safeguarding minimum standard met

Delivery competence standard fully met

Download full quality assurance rating (pdf)

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Contact details

Contact name:
Claire Nunes – Centre Director




Opening times:
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Locations covered

All of Cambridgeshire except Wisbech, March & Chatteris, Ramsey Sawtry & Yaxley

Ages worked with

All ages

Quotes from teachers

Relate has greatly improved the outcomes for children and young people.

The service is very easy to access, reduces poor behaviour in most cases, reduces young people’s stress, and improves school performance.