Cambs SRE Gateway was commissioned and funded by NHS Cambridgeshire in order to support schools in Cambridgeshire in working with external providers to deliver quality SRE. In 2014 the website expanded to include healthy relationship, domestic violence and related topics. The initial website is based on the findings of a consultation conducted with 14 secondary schools in Cambridgeshire in 2011, which highlighted several challenges that schools face regarding their PSHE provision and work with external providers.

The consultation found that schools would value a service like Cambs SRE Gateway because:

Cambs SRE Gateway was developed in consultation with a Steering Group comprised of partner organisations including NHS Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust, Cambridgeshire County Council, the Cambridgeshire PSHE Service and local voluntary and community sector organisations and schools.

The Cambs SRE Gateway website is administered and maintained by the registered charity SexYOUality.

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